MCCS 29 Palms

Hashmarks SNCO Club

Hashmarks SNCO Club

Hashmarks SNCO Club

Building 1531

Monday - Thursday: 4:30pm - 8pm
Friday: 4:30pm - 11pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
(Except for private parties and special events)

Monthly Calendar of Events

Hashmarks entertains SNCOs with a variety of events like Monday Night Football. Check your monthly club calendar for more event updates at Hashmarks SNCO Club!

Look at our SNCO Club GOOGLE CALENDAR for the most up to date events.


Hashmarks Club offers great catering opportunities and is available Saturdays and Sundays for private parties and celebrations of all kinds! Reserve the club and the catering staff for all of your party needs including but not limited to Wet Downs, Hail & Farewells, Promotions, Birthdays and more! For more information call 760.830.8429.