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Wilburn Gym

Wilburn Gym

Wilburn Gym

Building 1533

Opens Monday at 4:30am and remains open until Friday at 9pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 6am - 6pm

Opened June 2018, Wilburn Gym is a strength and conditioning facility designed for the warrior athlete. It features a powerlifting area with full and half racks, Keiser racks equipped with pneumatic technology, an Olympic lifting area and Hammer Strength plate loaded equipment. It also offers a strongman area with farmer’s walk, yokes, sleds and atlas stones. An indoor turf area provides for developing speed, endurance, agility, strength and power through a variety of available equipment.

Wilburn Gym houses a variety of cardio equipment, including human powered ellipticals and treadmills, assault bikes, rowers and high speed treadmills capable of 30+mph and 40 degree inclines. It can accommodate individual and group training.

To assist in the readiness and recovery efforts, Wilburn Gym has various options for myofascial release, stretching bands and Pneumex vibration platforms. Wilburn Gym houses our VirTra system, capable of providing real world, interactive scenarios for the warrior athlete. Contact our team for more information and to schedule use of the VirTra, as well as our vision performance area and eccentric plate loaded machines.

Wilburn Gym is capable of providing to the beginner to the Elite level athlete and is open to active duty, dependents and all authorized patrons.

Semper Fit welcomes authorized patrons of all abilities. If you would like assistance, please call the Wilburn Gym at 760-830-4069.