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HITT Program

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The MCAGCC Fitness Centers and the High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) Program offers world class training opportunities for Marines and Units.  The equipment housed in our MCAGCC fitness facilities, along with the workouts presented in the HITT Program allows the most valuable athletes in the world, the men and women of the USMC, to train like elite and professional level athletes.


The West Gym is home to the VirTra Systems Shooting Simulator and presents the opportunity for tactically relevant physical fitness training.  By combining gross, fine, and complex motor skills in conjunction with fatigue and threat. The VirTra System programming creates a workout that is highly transferable to the battlefield. Other West Gym training modalities capable of providing an operational edge include:

  • Hypoxic Training Chamber - simulates altitude oxygen density up to 9500 feet
  • High Speed Treadmill - runs at speeds of 30 mph and elevates to a 40% grade
  • Pneumex Vibration Platform - used by many elite training facilities to increase mobility, strength, and recover from injury
  • 3 Zephyr Biofeedback Systems - measures the heart rate, body temperature, breathing rate, and posture for up to 28 athletes at a time
  • Performance Vision Equipment - enhances tactical visual capability
  • Climbing Cave - features 12 auto belays and wall to wall padding

The East Gym offers the gold standard in body composition and metabolic analysis with the BodPod system.  Also featured are the K4 and the Fit Mate Med metabolic analysis systems.  This equipment can analyze VO2 max, anaerobic threshold, and metabolic rate.  The East Gym also features the same Dartfish biomechanical analysis used by every professional sports organization in the country.  With the Nexxfield E2 portable AstroTurf field system, the gymnasium can transform into a wall to wall artificial turf field house.

The Del Valle Tactical Strength and Conditioning Area features a variety of movement opportunities, challenges, and obstacles that allow for the development of speed, power, agility, strength, mobility, and endurance in a manner that is relevant and highly transferable to the tactical environment.  The equipment in this area can be supplemented with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and other equipment for the purpose of creating a workout that is tailored to the specific needs of a unit.

The HITT Program brings a professional and Division I level strength and conditioning program to the USMC.  With workouts designated as Athlete, Warrior, Marine, Combat, Reload, and Aqua HITT, the program addresses speed, power, agility, strength, mobility, and endurance to create a complete warrior athlete.


To find out more information, or to schedule a workout, please contact:

Michael Hill

Edmundo Rangel

All facilities, programs, and equipment are available to
Marines and Units.